In 2012, eight years after the sale of the first report, CIDA’s HOA due-diligence services were in high demand by homebuyers and real estate professionals throughout the western U.S.

We have continued to break sales records and pursue the CIDA Mission of positive industry change to the fragmented HOA marketplace in the last decade. As new generations of homeowners enter the market, the CIDA REPORT™ quickly delivers an invaluable tool used by savvy real estate professionals and homebuyers.


A Perfect Storm

2007 – 2009:

While working as reserve planning consultants to homeowner associations (HOA), it became clear to CIDA’s founders that a need existed for a due-diligence service aimed at buyers who were purchasing homes in a HOA. Beginning with little more than an idea and a belief that it was the right thing to do, the partners launched the CRC Report in the aftermath of the subprime mortgage implosion.

As the market returned after 2008, it became apparent to many buyers that significant financial risk existed for those who did not conduct proper due diligence.  As the market gained momentum, interest in the CRC Report began to grow.  The first order for a CRC Report was received in 2012 and, since that time, demand for the HOA due-diligence services has continued to grow year over year.

The Aftermath

2012 – Now: 

Since 2012, the business has grown exponentially and is now recognized as a pioneer in the emerging field of HOA due-diligence.  The firm provides clients with a unique blend of technical expertise, buyer advocacy, and insight into the inter-workings of HOA management and governance.  In December 2017, the original partners launched CID Analytics, Inc. (CIDA) at which time the CRC Report was re-branded as the CIDA REPORT™