The Mission

The founders of CIDAnalytics (CIDA) were the first to introduce the concept of homeowner association due diligence for homebuyers when we delivered the first CRC Report to a condo buyer in Portland Oregon in April 2012. Since that time, we have conducted due diligence examinations for buyers in ten states from ranging Florida to Hawaii.

With each examination, CIDA has continued to change the homeowner association (HOA) ecosystem from a treacherous, sometimes hostile marketplace, to one in which proactive buyers can obtain meaningful data regarding the financial and administrative competence of the 350K HOAs in the U.S. by purchasing the CIDA REPORT™.

For five years our flagship due diligence service was marketed as the CRC Report, taking the name of the founder’s reserve study consultancy, Capital Reserve Consultants (CRC). In 2014 we introduced the CRC Score, arguably the first attempt to grade HOAs by subjecting the organization to an objective rating system that assigns a mathematical value (Impact Value) to more than 300 data points resulting in a numerical rating of 0 to 100.


CID Analytics

In 2017 CIDAnalytics, Inc. (CIDA), was founded as a stand-alone Delaware Corp. with the goal of becoming the foremost provider of HOA due diligence services in the United States. As of 2018, the CRC Report became the CIDA REPORT™. Along with the new company, the CRC Score became the CIDA SCORE™.