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Ordering a CIDA Report and transferring the HOA documents from the buyer to CIDA is handled online via the CIDA website. The ordering process may seem complex but it is important to follow all instructions to ensure that CIDA receives all of the information that is required to complete the due diligence examination. Payment for the CIDA Report is processed via the Total Merchant Concepts secure payment platform and must be submitted before the order process is considered complete. Please note that submission of the Order Form in the absence of payment does not constitute a completed order. Your payment will appear on your credit card statement as a payment to CID Analytics, Inc.


The HOA documents required to complete the due diligence examination must be uploaded through the platform provided on this page unless other arrangements have been made with our office prior to placing an order for the CIDA Report.


Required Documents are those documents that every well-managed Association should be able to provide. If any of these documents are not available, the purchaser of the CIDA Report must inform CIDA in writing (email is acceptable) that the missing documents are not available.


Supplemental Documents are documents that may not exist in every instance. In those instances where certain Supplemental Documents are known to exist, or to determine whether they do exist, the buyer should request all of the items listed under the Supplemental Documents section of the Order Form and should request written confirmation of any documents that do not exist, or documents that exist but are not available for distribution due to confidentiality rules.


In order to purchase a CIDA Report you must agree to the CIDA Terms of Service which may be accessed using the link provided below. You are encouraged to read the Terms of Service as they constitute a legal contract between CIDA and the purchaser of the CIDA Report.

CIDA Terms of Service

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use


Once you have read the Terms of Service you may use the link at the bottom of this page to access the Order Form and submit an order. To access the CIDA Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, you may also use the links found at the bottom of every page on this website.

To place an order for a CIDA Report you must complete all of the fields on the Order Form submission page. If you do not know the name of the HOA you should confirm this information before you place the order. CIDA uses this information to track your order, and we cannot open a client file for your CIDA Report unless we know the name of the Association.

IMPORTANT: CIDA does not have legal authority to request or access any HOA documents regardless of whether a buyer has engaged CIDA for the purpose of conducting a due diligence examination. In those instances where state law requires that a seller or the HOA provide specific documents to a buyer, the buyer may need to supplement the list of required documents by including a request for supplemental documents that are to be provided as a condition of the buyer’s offer. It is the responsibility of the individual who purchases the CIDA Report to provide CIDA with the documents and information required to complete the due diligence examination.

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If you have acknowledged acceptance of the CIDA Terms of Service and are ready to place an order for a CIDA Report you may click on the link below to be redirected to the CIDA Report Order Form.