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The CIDA Score

The CIDA Score is a proprietary rating system developed by the creators of the CIDA Report. The CIDA Score utilizes a numerical scale that ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best score possible. The CIDA Score provides a quick method for comparing the financial stability and the quality of governance of the subject property to other HOAs that have been rated by CIDA.

Know The Score Before You Buy

The CIDA Score is a time sensitive rating that can and will change over time. Changes in the CIDA Score can occur quickly, as in the case of an HOA that did not provide a current reserve study when its CIDA Score was originally calculated, but has since completed a reserve study. In such a case, the CIDA Score for the Association may improve significantly depending on the outcome of the new reserve funding analysis. This can mean a transition from a relatively weak score to an above average score in less than one year.

The CIDA Score is designed to reflect the fiscal and administrative competence of the HOA being rated. The scoring matrix that is used to calculate the CIDA Score is designed in such a way that an average level of managerial oversight should result in a score of 60 or higher.

A CIDA Score above 60 is an achievable goal for any reasonably well managed association, while a CIDA Score above 70 is consistent with an association whose governance and financial management practices are above average. Association’s that earn a CIDA Score of 80 or higher are among the top 3% of all HOAs that have been examined by CIDA since the beginning of 2012.

A CIDA Score that is below average is often indicative of an organization that would benefit from changes in its fiscal policies and/or governance practices. Low scoring HOAs are often involved in litigation or they are self-managed communities that receive little guidance or advice from professionals.

the Importance ofTHE CIDA SCORE

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