The Price Of Success

When you purchase a home in a HOA, you are investing in a non-profit corporation.  As an owner/member of this corporation, you are responsible for a portion of the organization’s operating expenses and any long-term financial obligations, including reserve spending obligations.

Purchasing a home in an HOA without conducting proper due diligence is as senseless as investing in the stock of a publicly-traded corporation without conducting proper due diligence.  When you purchase the CIDA REPORT™, you are taking the first step that leads to a successful investment.  Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare!

What Do You Get With Your Purchase?


Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power! This old saying applies to the home-buying process more so than any other financial transaction. Proper due-diligence is important so that you know exactly what you are investing in. The CIDA REPORT™ provides you with the knowledge that is needed to make an informed decision regarding the most important investment you will ever make.


The CIDA Report™

When you purchase a home in an HOA, it is important to assess the Association’s ability to govern and administer the affairs of the organization in an effective manner. Long-term reserve planning and funding of the reserves are the cornerstones upon which a sustainable community is built. In addition to long-range financial planning, there are immediate concerns that should be considered before purchasing a home in any HOA.

The CIDA REPORT™ is a comprehensive assessment that takes into account information that is provided by the Association at the time of purchase.


The CIDA Score™

The CIDA REPORT™ includes the Association’s CIDA SCORE™ and the current median score of more than one-thousand HOAs that have been examined by CIDA. The CIDA SCORE™ allows the buyer to compare the subject property with other HOAs that have been rated. The CIDA SCORE® is an objective process that assigns a numerical rating to more than two-hundred positive and negative impact factors with a theoretical perfect score of 100. Click here to learn more about the CIDA SCORE®.